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Protect and monetize
your digital creations
like never before.


What You CAN DO with r.a.r.e

Protect and monetize your digital works like never before.

Earn your creative independence, entirely online.

You focus on creating, we take care of securing your art on the blockchain – a groundbreaking technology to help you create permanent records of ownership for your digital work like never before.

Expand your community.

Use R.A.R.E to cultivate your fans and followers to the next level – as your next digital art collectors.

Our platform helps you issue limited edition digital prints directly for sale to your fans.

Protect your digital
creations easily.


Have your creation online in a matter of minutes, share it with your audience and start selling instantly.



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Set editions and asking prices

when the artworK
sells you get paid

Become part of a new collaborative and creative network of emerging and established artists, designers and visual creators.

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Rain Spann

"It's just a new thing. There's so much you can do with one single print. You're able to do so much with that one design...That's what the whole thing I see behind R.A.R.E - it's not limiting you. I'm glad to be a part of this and I'm glad for the opportunity, too."

Read his interview

Virginia based Artist

"When I first heard about the blockchain being able to make digital files scarce...I definitely think there's a generation of digital artists that's going to embrace this 1000x over."

Watch his interviews

DC based Artist and Designer


Brian Romero

“Digital art...there’s no way to really say who owns it...But once you put it on the blockchain, then it becomes something very limited. Then you can control how many there are and say, “No, the only real ones are attached to this token.”

Read his interview

California based Artist and Illustrator


"I think having a platform where everyone that's on the platform is kind of using it for the same reason and looking to expand their horizons and find and appreciate visual art, it's just so unique and super cool."

Read her interview

Philadelphia based Artist and Illustrator

Recently sold on R.A.R.E

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Artwork Name

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Artwork Name

Artwork Name


"I see in R.A.R.E an opportunity to be at the forefront of a new and promising way of exchanging digital art!"

Digital artist from Montreal.

Los Angeles based Photographer

Jack McKain

Jamaican born Artist and Designer

"It's really exciting because I do a lot of digital art so to have a platform I can literally sell digital art the same way people sell physical art you know to to have this new kind of value to it...it's so super important. I think it's the future.

For a platform like this come around... it especially helps the artists out there who don't necessarily have a huge gallery following..it gives them a blank field that they can do whatever they want with."

Taj Francis


Shape the future of R.A.R.E


Join a new generation of Founding Artists to take advantage of the blockchain to sell permanent and scarce digital artworks.  Your feedback translate to product improvements for you.

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